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LGBTQIA 2 Spirit Communities

LGBTQIA 2 Spirit people exist within all the different populations that are undercounted and underserved. It is important for us to be counted in the 2020 Census to ensure that our communities have fair access to democracy and social services funding. We are an integral part of Oregon and we need to be represented.

Populations that are overcounted – generally white, wealthy, and homeowner populations – have more political power.

LGBTQIA 2 Spirit individuals count and we must take a stand against ongoing overrepresentation for privileged groups by taking the Census.

Though the Census does not explicitly ask about gender identity or sexual orientation, LGBTQIA 2 Spirit identified people and communities have historically been undercounted. Each person identified in the census yields approximately $3,200 per person in federal funding each year. Being counted ensures that LGBTQIA 2 Spirit people are counted and can advocate for those funds to benefit our communities. 

It is important that the LGBTQIA 2 Spirit community understands the connection between being counted and services that will support our community; such as schools, community health centers, and LGBTQIA 2 Spirit community programs. These are critical to our chronically underserved and under-represented community.

When looking at some of the questions and response choices on the Census, queer and transgender people may find that their lives aren’t properly represented in the provided responses. The National LGBTQ Task Force is working to change that. Since the Bureau doesn’t cross-check the information you provide on the survey with any other source, it is okay if you respond differently to the Census.

The 2020 Census could mean another seat in Congress for Oregon, another opportunity for our voices to be heard. Census data is used to determine the distribution of congressional seats to a state, the number of electoral votes, and state redistricting.

Overcounts of privileged people and undercounts of marginalized people reinforce systems of power and oppression in this country, which is why an accurate count of LGBTQIA 2 Spirit Oregonians is so important.

Download our toolkit!

Download our LGBTQIA 2 Spirit Toolkit for additional assistance talking about and sharing information about taking the Census. Also, refer to Queer the Census as a resource.

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