The #WeCountOregon Campaign has three training courses available to understand and equip you with the tools to talk to your community about taking the 2020 Census. There are also a number of upcoming Census Summits you can attend to learn more about how you can get involved with helping us reach all of Oregon’s 1 million hard-to-count residents who need in-person contact to complete the Census.

Training Calendar


Interested in training?

The Census can feel a bit complicated but you can learn the basics easily.  Our Census 101 training will give you more information about the history of the Census, its importance, and the upcoming 2020 Census timeline and process.

To see our Census 101 training video please fill out the form below. 

Spokesperson Training

Do you want to be a trained spokesperson for the #WeCountOregon campaign? Our Spokesperson training is designed to prepare individuals for census advocacy in the public eye. This training will prepare you to answer questions, represent the #WeCountOregon campaign, and advocate for a just and equitable 2020 census.



If you want to join the #WeCountOregon campaign and help spread the word about the census, consider becoming an Ambassador. Our Ambassador training will prepare you to educate Oregonians on the importance of the census and to build a plan on how to get through to our hard-to-count communities in Oregon.

Our Ambassador and Spokesperson trainings are conducted in-person, please see our calendar to find out when you can attend the next one, or email 

Download our toolkit!

Need help or materials sharing #WeCountOregon Census info? Download our toolkit for talking about the Census and hard-to-count communities below.

Text the word “Oregon” to 33339.

Follow the link to our webpage and pledge to take the census AND join the movement.

We will send you text messages about upcoming events, debunking census misinformation, signing up for training and more. Don’t worry, we won’t over text you and you can stop receiving texts any time.

Stay connected.

Keep up with the latest stories about our census efforts by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We would love to hear your thoughts on the 2020 census and how it is important to your community. Use the hashtag #WeCountOregon and share your voice!

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